MSA4CPS Paper Formatting and Submission Instructions


Paper formatting instructions on MSA4CPS website override instructions available on ICCSA or any other website/forum and must be adhered.

Submission Formatting
All submissions should follow the formatting instructions as directed by Springer LNCS. A detailed compilation on submission formatting for LNCS Proceedings is available here. Minimum page requirement for MSA4CPS submissions is 10 pages in single column format. There is a maximum page limit of 16 pages to be published in MSA4CPS LNCS proceedings. Authors are encouraged to utilize maximum available page limit.

All submissions should be in Springer Lecture Notes on Computer Science (LNCS) templates available below.
    LNCS Proceedings Using LaTeX2e
Springer wants to add hyperlinks to your manuscript in the online version, so we recommend the use of LaTeX2e for the preparation of your camera-ready manuscript, together with the corresponding Springer class file - contains:

  • llncs.cls, Springer class file;
  • llncs.dem, sample input file, you can use it as a source for your own input;
  • llncs.doc (actually a TeX file), the documentation of the class, with detailed instructions on how the macro package works;
  • llncs.dvi, DVI resulting out of llncs.doc.
  • Please download

          LNCS Proceedings Using Office 2007 Word or Later

    Springer does not encourage the use of Microsoft Word, particularly as the layout of the pages (the position of figures and paragraphs) can change between printouts. However, it does provide the relevant template. Please read the explanatory typing instructions "SPLNPROC Word 2007-2010 Technical Instructions.pdf" contained in the ZIP archive carefully.

    Please download

    Camera Ready Versions
    The authors would be required to upload Camera Ready version of the accepted paper, the related source files and the signed Copyright Transfer form in the Electronic Submission System (ESS).

    Submission Site and Instructions

  • All submissions should be carried out through Electronic Submission System. Follow the link here.
  • As author, you would be prompted to login into the Electronic Submission System (ESS), available at the URL:
  • If you are using the system for the first time, you would be required to Register. If you have already used the system in previous editions of the ICCSA conference, you can use your previous authentication information.
  • At the end of the authentication phase, your home page will be shown, with a summary of the abstracts and papers submitted by you.
  • Each submission to ICCSA 2012 starts submitting an abstract. This phase is facilitated by the Registration phase which requires the relevant author's information.
  • The submission phase continues submitting the text of the full paper to be evaluated by Reviewers.
  • As author(s), you are requested to carefully check the layout of the paper and its conformation with LNCS formatting requirements.
  • You are allowed to update the version of your paper before the paper submission deadline only.

  • Submitted papers not conforming to the above layouts will be excluded from the Review phase.



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